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5 tips you should know before you start paint by numbers for adult

   5 Tips You Should Know Before You Start Paint by Numbers for Adult

    Ready to become a paint by numbers artist? In order to relax your body and mind, and to make the final painting perfect, Bougimal has some paint by numbers tips for you to follow.

1. Choose high quality digital oil painting sets

    Bougimal uses High-quality linen and cotton. The cotton can make the surface of the canvas more sensitive and smooth, so it is easier to draw fine brush stroke effects. Adding linen can improve the toughness of the canvas and prevent irreversible wrinkles from appearing on the canvas. Bougimal also provide enough paint to allow you to paint without worry.

2.A glass of water and paper towel, a good assistant for your painting

    During the whole painting process, it is very important to keep the brush moist but not too saturated. Prepare the water that can wash your brushes easier from paint and switch between different colors. Clean brushes ensure that the colors of your oil paintings are clear and protect the paint from mixing with each other.

3.Bougimal shows you how to prevent paint from drying out

    a.Note that the jar opening time. When painting, once the can is opened and the ambient temperature is high, the paint may dry quickly. For this reason, the painting needs to be completed within 30 days.

    b.Method of saving paint. Before closing the pot, first drop some water on the surface, and then store the pot with the lid facing up in a cool place, so as to prevent the closed paint from drying out. In this way, the interruption time can be extended without damaging the color.

4.Extend the life of the brush, a good tool to make you save effort and lead better results

    a.In order to prolong the service life of the brush, the brush should be cleaned immediately after use.

    b.Clean the brush between paintings.

    c.Clean the bottom of the bristles. The area around the ferrule is the hardest to clean, but to really clean it properly, you must start from there.

    d.Never store the brush vertically in water. Placing the brush vertically in water or any type of cleaning solvent can easily bend the bristles and change their shape forever.

    e.Store clean brushes vertically, head up, or horizontally, whichever way you think is best. Make sure they are dry before storing.

5.For frameless paint by numbers, you need to pay extra attention to these!

    The canvas will inevitably have wrinkles after prolonged folding. Please do not worry, the canvas will be smooth again after proper processing. Detailed information about the operating steps can be found in the Bougimal product manual.


Feel the charm of paint by numbers in a relaxed and pleasant mood. Try, touch and feel the art without