We strongly recommend our customers to complete your work within 30 days after purchase, otherwise the paint may dry out.

How to Fix Dry Paints

Many of our customers start their kits and then get distracted by life and work, only to come back to find that their paints are thick or hard! If you are experiencing something similar with your paints, keep on reading.

1. Add a drop or two of warm water

Acrylics are water soluble (which means they can be dissolved in water). Add a drop or two of WARM water to your paints to moisten them almost instantly. An increase in temperature increases solubility, so warm water will mix with the paint better.

 We recommend stirring the paint with a small toothpick and, if you have the time and patience, wait over night.

 As a friendly reminder, make sure to SEAL the paint pod after you have added any drops of water. Paints are meant to dry when exposed to air.

2.  Flow Improver / Flow Aid

 Flow Improver/flow aid can thin out your paints, but in a much different way than water. Think of it as adding the equivalent of olive oil to your water. Once you have added flow improver to your water, the paint glides off your brush more smoothly.

 The only caution we have for using flow improver is that it will increase the amount of paint you use on a canvas. For numbers with a lot of surface area, you may have to be careful not to use too much paint!

 3. Hard Paint

Sometimes, the paints are just so dry that there is no fixing it. Or you find When it happens and you should not panic! If you ordered from us and we will be happy to send out replacements for dry paints in most situations. Please read our warranty policy.

4. Insufficient Paint

Usually, we will test whether the pigment is enough before selling. Therefore, under the correct use, the pigment will be sufficient. However, due to excessive use and personal painting habits, some customers will report to us that the paint is insufficient. If this happens, please contact our service team at service@bougimal.com.