Tip 1. How to make the numbers not show through - white colored pencils

Most of the time the numbers underneath don't show through, but once in a while our customers say they can see the numbers through some of the lighter paint when they're close. That's when someone suggested using white out pen or white colored pencils to cover the numbers, which works phenomenally!

Find the number and space on the canvas, but right before you paint, color over the number with the pencil! Who would have guessed?

Tip 2. How to make the paints better - Clear Gesso

Clear Gesso provides an degree of rough surface to to give acrylic and oil paints a better place to hold. Clear gesso is ideal for painting over paint by number kits because it makes the canvas surface better to paint on, but still allows you to see all the numbers and areas to paint between! 

Tip 3. How to make the paint less thick or revive dry paint - Flow Improver

Some people would like their paints to be a little less thick and easier to work with. Since these are acrylic paints and water soluble, you can usually get away with just a few drops of water. For the more challenging paints, you can splurge for a few drops of Flow Improver to make the paint easier to work with.

Tip 4. How to keep your painting sturdy and mobileFrameless- Foam Board

Foam board is a great flat surface onto which you can mount your canvas. Once you have taped, tacked, or clipped your painting to the board you can bring it with you to paint anywhere you feel comfortable. It makes it so you can do your painting indoors and outside!

 Tip 5. How to use those leftover paints when you're finished - Extra Paints

Once you're done, you usually have a few pods of leftover paint that end up drying up and getting thrown out. We found that some of our customers like to test how their painting skills have improved by using those extra paints on a blank canvas (without lines)!

Tip 6. How to never lose your instructions again - Digital instructions

Some of our customers find the numbers to be too small to see easily. Having tiny spaces helps make the final paintings more detailed, so it's hard to strike the perfect balance.

 Our customers have also found a very clever and innovative solution to the problem! Before starting your kit take a picture of the canvas! As you are painting, you can go back and reference the digital photo in your smartphone or camera and zoom in on any of those hard to see numbers!

Tip 7. How to keep paint moist - Go one number at a time

If you paint one number at a time and make sure to close the pods between strokes. It also helps keep the paint fresh and moist since they all won't be exposed to the air for long periods of time!

These paints are acrylic, so you can use water or Flow Improver to make it less thick